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<span>Choose from our</span>Cultural Workshops

Choose from ourCultural Workshops


GoldenHourWithout any hesitation we dare to say that Golden Hour is one of our highlights activity that ARMA has to offer.
Before sunrise you gather at ARMA Kitchen & Lounge. From there Agung Rai (The inspiring founder of ARMA ) will take you for little journey along the real treasures of Bal. Its unspoiled villages, most breathtaking landscapes, ancient sites and incredible people. The tour allows you to absorb the silence, the sounds, and the colors of island while it awakes.
Exclusively available on demand.
Please ask the reception to make a reservation for you.

Rate : US$ 50.00 | Duration : 3-4 hours


RindikRindik is one of the Balinese Gamelan instruments made of bamboo tubes, suspended in a wooden frame. It’s sound comes from beating the bamboo by a small stick in pairs. It is played normally with two beaters, one held in the left and one in the right. The round and compact sound of Balinese Rindik is amazingly melodious. In this workshop you will get a short lesson how to play Rindik. An instructor will teach you to follow the instrument athus make it sound more beautiful. This workshop will be one of the treasured memories for you to take home.

Rate : US$ 25.00 | Duration : 2 – 3  hours


Museum Culture Workshop Yoga CWYoga is popular in Bali. Thousands of people visit the island for taking Yoga classes. Bali Yoga retreats are unparalleled in their ability to refresh the spirits. As ARMA is all about balance and inner stability our Yoga classes are focused on sharing thins with you, leaving you with a tranquil inner feeling and a more balanced mindset.

Rate : US$ 50.00 | Duration : 2 – 3 hours



AstroThis popular workshop outlines the Hindu method of astrology. Participants learn about the history of this form of astrology, find out their Balinese birthday and it’s corresponding meaning.
This fascinating workshop gives you insight into the Balinese 6 month calendar, explaining the timing of many rituals and ceremonies. A great workshop for those who want to get some in-depth knowledge on many aspects of Balinese culture.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours


IMG_5785What are the general and specific issues facing Bali today? What are the modern trends prevailing in Bali? How are these trends affecting the Balinese in their daily lives, including the cultural and religious outlook? An in-depth lecture, followed by a lively discussion, will not only prove instructive to the visitor, but will also help you to put your holiday impressions into perspective.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours



IMG_3661Learn more about this island through an anecdotal telling of the history of Bali. What are or have been the major influences on the culture and religion? How did Bali get its name? What does Bali mean? This is an important workshop for all visitors as it adds meaning and substance to their time on Bali. We highly recommend that you include this attraction on your itinerary.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours



EggPaintThe course offers opportunities for the students to cultivate their aesthetic taste, individual imagination, and simultaneously improve their own skills and  capabilities in expressing their artistic ideas in a unique and ancient handicraft form.
Egg painting is very delicate work of drawing and painting. Learning the art will give students a deeper understanding of the very intriguing period of transition in which Balinese art finds itself today.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2  hours


SilverLearn the basics of silver fabrication techniques in this 3 hour beginner level workshop.
Skills learned include the use of an acetylene torch, soldering, sawing, forging, fusing and texturing. Students will create one piece of finished silver jewelry of their own design. No experience necessary.

Rate : US$ 45.00 | Duration : 3 hours



LontarLearn the ancient technique of drawing on the lontar leaf. The students will inscribe illustrations on lontar leaf with an iron stylus known as pangrupak without the help of preliminary sketches.
Once the illustrations have been completed the incisions are blackened by smearing a paste made from a mixture of pulverized, burnt candlenut and coconut oil onto the surface of the leaves. When the excess is wiped off, the blackened incisions stand out sharply against the colour of the leaf. Finally the leaf is cleaned with cut belimbing buluh. The whole process is awesome and easy to understand. Creating a more original and meaningful souvenir is hardly imaginable.

Rate : US$ 35.00 | Duration : 2 hours


OfferingYou are also fascinated by the splendor of Balinese offerings? Then this is your day of creative fun and education.The participants will learn to make offerings from colored dough, carved leaves and bamboo. They will also learn the meaning of the daily offerings and how to perform them.
Again a workshop we highly recommend for guests who not only want to know more of Balinese culture, but who want to bring home a skill so deeply rooted in every day Balinese life.

Rate : US$ 35.00 | Duration : 2 hours


BaliPaintLectureIn this group lecture, the participants walk through the Museum (Bale Daja and Bale Dauh) to see the unique collection of Agung Rai. The guide will give you in-depth information about the history of painting in Bali, the paintings on display, their meaning and the different styles of painting. You will also get a good impression of contemporary Indonesian artists and foreign artists who were inspired by Bali.

Rate : US$ 55.00 | Duration : 2 hours



PaintingClassThis workshop is exclusively designed to introduce the participants to Balinese painting. They will get individual instruction and produce a painting of their own, to meet their own satisfaction. This attraction should be part of your Bali discovery tour.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours




BatikThis is a workshop where participants will learn about many features of Balinese batik, foremost of which are its form, motifs, techniques used, and its history. An interesting hint is to compare and find the difference between the motifs unique to Balinese batik and those motifs representative of the Javanese batik for instructive reference. In this workshop, each participant will receive a set of utensils and will make a piece of Balinese batik.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours


WoodCarvingIn this hands-on workshop participants are introduced to some of the basic concepts behind modeling objects in wood. You will become acquainted with the necessary tools and learn basic carving techniques. Under the watchful eye of an instructor, each person will carve a simple object. All tools and materials are provided.

Rate : US$ 35.00 | Duration : 2 hours



CookingA selection of fascinating traditional Balinese dishes are demonstrated, with participants preparing enough food for their own lunch. The groups are taught to eat native style, with the hand or so-called pakai tangan. 

A comprehensive set of recipes are given out with step-by-step instructions on reproducing these delicious spicy dishes in your own kitchen. Surprise your family and loved ones at home with your new, exotic cooking skills.

Rate : US$ 50.00 | Duration : 3 hours


WeavingBalinese baskets are woven in a very unique way. From day to day Balinese artists are always creating new shapes and patterns, maintaining the awesome beauty of the products. Don’t miss this experience. Our excellent instructors are always ready to teach you how to achieve uniqueness in making these beautiful pieces of handicraft.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours



HinduismThis in-depth lecture provides insight into the unique brand of Hinduism practiced on Bali. You will learn about the religious rituals and ceremonies that are evident all over the island. The creation of a large ceremonial offering will serve as a demonstration for participants to learn how to make their own offerings.

Rate : US$ 44.00 | Duration : 2 hours



BaliArchitectThe building of a house in Bali is integral to Hinduism. Nothing is left to chance. Everything has meaning. Learn how the traditional Balinese houses are designed and built. But also in what way they are inhabited.

A great workshop on understanding not only Balinese architecture, but also about Balinese family ties and their place in the Banjar.

Rate : US$ 50.00 | Duration : ? hours


GamelanIn this 2 hours workshop the group will learn about the history of gamelan, the use of gamelan in the village context, and a demonstration by master musicians. The participants will then get an opportunity to play the instruments and learn to play a short piece.

Rate : US$ 25.00 | Duration : 2 hours



DanceThis lecture provides basic information concerning the traditional dance within the ritual context. Two of the most famous dancers in Bali will demonstrate the particular movements and the attending steps. Afterwards, the participants will be given the opportunity to learn and practice the dance themselves.

Women will learn some features of the Panyembrahma welcome dance, and the men learn some basic movements of Baris warrior dance.

Rate : US$ 25.00 | Duration : 2 hours