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<span>About</span>H.E.A.R.T Centre

AboutH.E.A.R.T Centre

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In ARMA’s tranquil sanctuary, our H.E.A.R.T. Centre’s intention is a passage to a profound healing journey through the spirit Shakti of the Arts – The Healing Arts, the highest gift of the arts to humanity by the Divine.

The ARMA Centre for H.E.A.R.T. is a Centre-Space for Holistic Health, Ecology and Transformational Arts, envisioned by AmaLia Wai Ching and designed in collaboration with Angelo Marcos Santos. The Centre is based on their combined 30-plus years of experience at the forefront of Global Holistic Wellness, Health, Ecology, Arts and Personal Transformational fields.

In alignment with ARMA’s history of preserving Balinese Arts, Culture and Spirit, and with its tradition of bridging the old with the new: the Centre for H.E.A.R.T.serves as an unifying bridge between ancient Healing Arts and cutting edge Modern Healing Technologies.

Its various modalities of transformation, rejuvenation and research, offers the opportunity for the individual to experience profound healing and truly live in a state of harmony between body, mind and spirit, within Self and the environment and community.

The experience and embodiment of Holistic Health is promoted through the activities and processes of the Center.

Transformation, Self-Empowerment, as well as Realization and Optimization of one’s Human Potential is the way in which completion of the multitude of karmic issues are resolved, ensuring everlasting transformation.


in order to effect everlasting transformation in the individual, all areas of one’s life must be considered, cared for and optimized. This way, mental, physical or spiritual illnesses are cured from the root and the individual becomes whole and balanced again.


As an aspect of Holism, Ecology teaches us that everything is interconnected. Our lives are shaped by the connection we have with ourselves, nature, environment and our communities. Living in harmony with nature, community and spirit is the foundational principle of Bali Spiritual Life, which we subscribe to and promote at ARMA Centre for H.E.A.R.T..


Arts represent both the natural expression of one’s innate creative capacity or specific fields of transformational service in offer at our center. Art Therapy courses, Yoga or Qi Gong, as well as Flow Body Massage are some of the varied forms of Arts that we teach and provide. We weave the traditional arts of Carving, Lontar engraving, painting, and Dance taught in the Balinese traditional styles as healing and meditative practices as well.


Aside from the naturally youthing Qi Gong or Yoga the Centre provides a range of massage techniques as well as beauty treatments paired with the very best of cutting edge global technology designed for longevity and well being. Another focus is Holistic Nutrition which recognizes the need for nutritional guidelines for the individual specific to that person’s bio chemical matrix. Applied Kinesiology and bio resonance technologies are utilized.


In essence, all areas of the human experience stand to be healed, transformed and empowered, facilitating the harmonious functioning of the human being – at one with Spirit. With the deeply transformative Arts and Therapies at ARMA Centre for H.E.A.R.T. we also aim to create the transformational and safe space necessary for the participant to acquire deep insights. Insights towards one’s own innate capacity for self-healing provides for the participant the processes and tools necessary in order to produce one’s own inner transformation.