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<span>Find out more about</span> the ARMA Resident Teachers

Find out more about the ARMA Resident Teachers

AmaLia Wai Ching


With over 20 years of experience as a leader in the fields of Health, Wellness, Healing Arts, Movement and Transformational Work, AmaLia serves as advisor and consultant for the Medical, Luxury Spa/Hotels and Business industries.

She is the founder of Infinity Quantum Qi Gong – a Yin/Feminine based form of Qi Gong. Infinity Quantum Qi Gong is recognised for its accelerated results in Healing, Restorative and Youthing capacity. Through her Healing work, she combines Ancient Wisdom with future Technologies from the field of Energy, Vibrational and Quantum medicine.


She also makes use of natural forces, nutrition, plant medicine, movement, dance, painting, creative writing and transformational inner journeys. She has taught Qi Gong at Deepak Chopra’s Retreat, Assisted in Massage Training at Esalen Centre in California, served as Healer for amongst others, astronaut Edgar Mitchell and continues to create deep and everlasting transformation to countless people she encounters in her path.

Her academic qualifications include studies from New College, California Institute of Integral Studies and World School of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts, California.